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Welcome to a new age of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and education. Click here

This is Glassing “Who Knew”

See the glassing campaign by Anthony Phills Click here

About EBI Discover What Makes Us Unique

Fashion on all levels

Beauty is just more than one component, it’s the character that makes up who we are. EBI seeks the inner peace within the beauty. And a link here


Beauty-Style-Passion, these words are heavily saturated commercially today, their meaning is transparent and non-directional. Envi tells a story about unique concepts, products, and showcase the up and coming. This is where your will find beauty, style and passion.


In any industry, education is the key to success. Envi Beaute incorporates education into it’s unique concepts. And a link here


In any industry, education is the key to success. Envi Beaute incorporates education into it’s unique concepts. From past and to present creators, timeless scene of style and beauty was born with education.


EBI Lifestyle (Every Beautiful Individual) is about the quality of life you project, whether it’s an persona or style. And a link here


EBI – Every Beautiful Individual. Simply put, this means you. You create the lifestyle, the power is in your mind and body. You seek out a standard of living to connect, having a place to share.

About Envi

Welcome to Envi Beaute International, a bridging concept to assist in introducing products and concepts to the beauty and fashion industry.  Envi is not just another  lifestyle or e-commerce website that sells products but an avenue to revamp existing systems and a platform that gives business owners, hair stylist, makeup artist and fashion designers a voice to their concepts and the products they use and endorse. Envi Beaute International has the technology and personel to assist you with business development and strategies to become more web and computer friendly. We succeed by providing avenues to grow your business.

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The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.

–Marty Neumeier


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