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If you have ever color your hair then you know one of the detriments to the hair color process is the unavoidable stating of the skin, especially around the hairline .Stains can be very difficult to remove often requiring the use of harsh chemicals that leaves your skin red and irritated . Dyeblox formula was specifically designed to enhance your hair color experience by preventing the hair color from touching the skin thereby avoiding the stain problem altogether. Dyeblox is hypo-allergenic, water soluble and naturally enhanced with the essential oils and bamboo extract. Having a product that is hypo-allergenic allows for reduce allergic reaction to the skin leaving your skin clear and healthy . Being that dyeblox is water-soluble there is no rubbing of the skin which doesn’t compromise elasticity of the skin ,hence keeping your skin feeling better and healthier. If that isn’t enough the fundamental ingredients known as bamboo extract has shown to promote radiant looking skin.