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Headlines Hairpieces


Transform your hair TODAY with our hairpieces, hair extensions, clip-ins, balayages, fringes and ponytails. Made from human hair, these additions add extra length, volume, thickness and even a splash of colour. Featured by beauty editors in countless magazines, and worn by brides, models and your favourite celebrities, Headlines Hairpieces are Australian owned, and made in Melbourne. If there’s one thing Barbara Hatten knows, it’s HAIR. And in her 30 plus years as a professional stylist she has found that, whether an A-list celebrity, local fashionista, or anyone just wanting to create a new look for a night out or their big day, every woman wants beautiful hair! Barbara also knows that stunning, healthy, head-turning hair is often not what it seems. From her early days as owner of a celebrity hair salon on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, Barbara Hatten learnt that the secret to glamorous, red carpet ready hair is luscious hairpieces!